Psychedelic integration is about going beyond the idea of tripping.
A Maloca, or ceremonial space, deep in the Peruvian Amazon. Those buckets aren’t for carrying water!

Psychedelic Integration Sessions are offered by phone or in person in New York City.

After years of working under the radar with people integrating their psychedelic experiences, I am now offering this form of counseling publicly. This work is for people who have had, or intend to have, a psychedelic experience for the purposes of healing and/or spiritual development. I do not facilitate psychedelic work, guide people to shamans or psychedelic practitioners or offer substances of any kind.

Psychedelic Integration: Intention is Key

There is a huge resurgence in people exploring consciousness, healing and personal transformation with the help of psychedelic substances. There are past and current scientific studies showing amazing potential benefits of psychedelic substances, the most promising being ayahuasca.  Psychedelic integration is for people who want to put more intention to their work with these medicines. In the sixties a lot of people took LSD without the benefits of intention setting. Their trips were chaotic and sometimes negative. People had no context for what they were doing. In this work, we put a lot of focus on setting a powerful intention.

Unlike during the psychedelic era of the 1960s, many people are now working with psychedelics using a more grounded approach that avoids the excesses that gave the movement a bad name fifty years ago. Using these medicines is serious work. Anyone who has experienced ayahusaca realizes that this is not a drug or something to party with.

This work may be for you if you are planning to do any kind of psychedelic work for healing, spiritual guidance and personal transformation.  Setting intentions before the experience prepares you mentally and emotionally so that you can get the most out of your experience. It is also helpful to do at least one session after the experience to make sense of what happened and get grounded. Too many people come out of these psychedelic experiences with unrealistic, over-inflated expectations because of what the mind and ego do with information received. Then people get upset or depressed when their insights fail to translate to changes in their life. Some people receive accurate information that is so mind blowing that they don’t know how to make sense of it.

When a bad trip becomes a learning experience

In the past people had an idea of there being ‘good trips’ and ‘bad trips’. When working with an intention to heal and transform, bad trips become productive episodes for getting to the root of issues. We learn to breathe and allow and not get stuck on fleeting thoughts that could get wildly exaggerated under the influence of psychedelic medicines. When our main intention is transformation, we are not disappointed by a journey that fails the bliss test.


This work is only meant to help people who are already doing psychedelic work, not to encourage it or facilitate it in any way.

Here’s a Wall Street Journal article about psychedelics.

Psychedelic Integration sessions are available by phone or in person. Cost is $100 per hour, minimum one hour per session.

ayahuasca retreat cabin
My Amazonian Retreat. Notice the powerful Jaguar protection screen walls.

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