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Healing, Past Life Regression Hypnosis (QHHT) and Space Clearing. Andy Sway assists clients with personal transformation.

If you are ready to change your life, I can help you.

I have over 20 years’ experience helping hundreds of people go through a process of emotional transformation and spiritual awakening. I work with clients on a couple of tracks, the first is energy healing and consulting work.  I have also guided over 1000 people through past lives through hypnosis, so I have a unique view on how the human mind and emotions work and why we are here that goes beyond standard therapeutic approaches.

Emotions: Everything you seek or avoid is a feeling. Thoughts are extremely overrated.

Everything you experience is really an emotion when you get down to it. Emotions are the reason you crave success, popularity, acceptance, love, recognition or whatever else you seek in life. If you are feeling negative emotions constantly it does not matter what luxury you might live in, you are miserable. Hopefully you have learned that suppressing emotions does not work. Most haven’t.

Physical problems are oftentimes the result of emotions that have been held back. In my experience, we are evolving beings living in an evolving world. Emotions are valuable tools of perception. When we ignore or suppress our ‘negative’ emotions we drive them deeper into us and they end up expressing themselves in the form of physical illness. Suppressed anger oftentimes leads to liver issues. Suppressed fear can lead to kidney and or bladder issues.

Processing Stuck and Repressed Emotions

Stuck and repressed emotions lead to patterns of misery. If you have abandonment issues you will keep fearing or experiencing abandonment until you clear the issue. If you feel unworthy, you will cringe in embarrassment about your words and actions. People will sense your discomfort, avoid you and reinforce your negative self image. If you are brave enough to let me guide you through processing the emotions you may believe are too powerful for you to handle, you will see that emotional healing leads to a cascade of positive results. These results are not only physical and emotional but also are reflected in all areas of life.


Authenticity is a Requirement: I call it ‘The Core Frequency’

All of the healing and transformative services offered are based on the concept of the Core Frequency. The idea is simple: we have non physical aspects to us and we have this physical incarnation. The non physical aspects include emotions and beliefs and also include what we call the soul, spirit or higher self. It is the life force that makes the body alive. The body is unique to this one lifetime and is chosen by the soul for a unique experience. The body has it’s own strengths and challenges and the soul chose it for a reason.

If we can imagine the soul having a frequency and the body having a whole other frequency, then the combination of the two frequencies merge into the Core Frequency. The Core Frequency is unique to this life and contains within it our purpose for being here along with the talents for fulfilling that purpose.

Just as our physical reality is built from invisible energy (protons, neutrons and electrons), our lives and bodies are shaped by our emotions, beliefs and habits as well as the spiritual nature and DNA we were born with. If we are brave enough to plunge into the subtle realms of emotion and belief, we can re-write our code and create a radically different experience of life. We can create a life that is a more authentic expression of our true nature. This kind of life is much more fun, meaningful and exciting.

Trauma Disconnects Us from Our Core Frequency

Unfortunately we usually get very disconnected from the soul half of the core frequency because of issues from childhood and other traumas and upsets that we all deal with. Most of us just do our best to hold in our unpleasant feelings but holding them in is never a long-term solution. It only leads to sickness in all of its forms, emotional, mental and physical.

If you are ready to confront all that is inauthentic. If you are ready to let go of the emotional conditioning that is limiting your joy and creative self expression. If you are ready to move into a new type of relationship with yourself and everyone else. I can help you.

Check out all of my services below. They all are about bringing about personal transformation on the deepest levels and they all approach transformation from different angles.



Past Life Regression

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ (QHHT) is a healing method that combines past-life regression with physical and emotional healing. This is an extremely powerful method that regularly brings about miraculous transformation, sometimes instantly.

Space Clearing & Divine Doors

Physical spaces hold energies of all kinds. We have all felt this, though the effects are subtle.   There are energies from all past events, especially traumatic ones, that have occurred in a given space.  These energies affect the people using the space.   There are also positive energies that can be felt in certain locations.

Private Energy Healing

Clients new to this work are often surprised at how practical this approach can be. In private sessions we start with the real issues of your life, career, relationships, self-esteem, creative self expression.  Sessions are a unique combination utilizing aspects of talk therapy, life coaching, business consulting and friendly wise advice.  Energy healing techniques complete the transformation by taking it beyond the mind

Strategic Consulting 

Spiritual transformation is really only as good as its impact on your actual life.  Sometimes people get very un-grounded when they do a lot of personal transformation work and many healers have a hard time making spiritual issues relevant to real life issues.

Andy Sway--Transformatology® Inc. - An Introduction

Andy Sway--Transformatology® Inc. - An Introduction
  • Andy Sway--Transformatology® Inc. - An Introduction

    Andy Sway--Transformatology® Inc. - An Introduction
  • ``The Rhythm of Life`` SOPHIA RUSSELL HARTS w/ Hypnotist & Healer Andy Sway

    ``The Rhythm of Life`` SOPHIA RUSSELL HARTS w/ Hypnotist & Healer Andy Sway
  • You're Such a Baby!--Andy Sway, Transformatology® Inc.

    You're Such a Baby!--Andy Sway, Transformatology® Inc.

Andy Sway is a practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, a method for healing and awakening through past life regression hypnosis. He trained with Dolores Cannon before her passing and has conducted hundreds of hypnosis sessions in the last 8+ years. He is also a Strategic Consultant, Energy Healer, and Hypnotist which he puts together in a method he named “Transformatology”. Andy works with clients who are seeking to awaken to their highest creative and spiritual potential. Andy’s work is all about bringing out the “Core Frequency” of the client. This is done through all of the methods he practices, depending on their unique needs. Andy sees clients primarily in New York, but also travels frequently to California, working with clients in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

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