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Andy Sway, 1963.

Exploring the Outer World

Originally from the Central Valley of California, I began exploring the wider world at an early age. My travels and studies took me first to Norway at age 10 and Sweden at the age of sixteen where I was a foreign exchange student. At age eighteen, I moved to Israel where I completed an intensive Hebrew language course on a Kibbutz. I then lived in Sweden and later completed my Bachelors degree in International Affairs at the American

Me, on the left, playing badass on Masada, Israel. 1982

College in Paris. Altogether I spent over six years living in Europe. I have lived in Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, Israel and England and speak Swedish, French and German besides my native English.

Laura Riene

Exploring the Inner Worlds

My introduction to the inner worlds of spirituality began at fourteen, when I met my first spiritual teacher, Laura Riene. Laura was my art teacher in summer school but turned out above all to be more of a mentor and guru. She lovingly ripped my ego to shreds, and being near her was like what I imagine it must have been like being near Christ or the Buddah.

This woman was so full of wisdom that with one look, and without words, she would answer my most perplexing questions. I would ask her a question about something that was tearing me up emotionally and causing a lot of confusion. She would give me that knowing look and I would go from total confusion to absolute knowing. I would then feel silly for ever having asked the question. She radiated pure love but held an impossibly high standard or purity. I’ve always felt that looking for a guru would be indulgent after having a teacher like that. Mrs. Riene gave me spiritual homework that will never be fully complete. There was no use looking for more prescriptions from other teachers. I had to find it myself.

From PhD Candidate to Healer

In 1998, I experienced my first energy healing breakthrough as a client and the event—a true aha! moment—immediately triggered my exploration into “alternative” approaches to healing. After that session I knew my life would change. My six years of Doctoral Studies would have to end with a downgrade, a Master’s Degree in Political Science, and I ended up devoting myself to energy healing and personal transformation as a vocation. After that point I trained in the healing modalities of Holographic Repatterning™, Reiki, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, and Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™(QHHT) and ‘M’ Energy Healing®.

Throughout my healing career I’ve attracted a clientele of highly creative people in the fields of fashion, entertainment and art, among other things. I seem to have a knack for guiding people through the process of expressing their creativity. This brings me a lot of amusement because I never thought of myself as creative or artistic in any way but as soon as I started doing this work, I surprisingly began attracting people who were on the cutting edge of creative self expression. Check out some of my articles here.

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Andy Sway with Dolores Cannon in Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2013.

Andy Sway with his daughters, 2015, pretending to be amazed at the sight of wild rabbits.

1987–BA in International Affairs, The American College in Paris

2004 MA in Political Science, CUNY Graduate Center

Languages: English, Swedish, French, German

Healing Modalities Studied:

Holographic Repatterning™

Vortexhealing® Divine Energy Healing,



QHHT-Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

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