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To get started on some profound life transformation, here are the steps you need to take. The past life regression technique I practice is the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

I also do Progression Hypnosis, a technique I’ve created to take you into future potential lives and the multi-dimensional self. Progression Hypnosis sessions require the same preparation as QHHT sessions.

Step One: Send Payment

Go to or follow the PayPal link below and send either full payment or a minimum $200 deposit. You can also pay by credit card by following this link:

Step Two: Select a few ideal appointment times and send them to me. Usually if you send 3 appointment times/dates, one of them will work out for me too. You can also text me at 212 505 7729 with your available dates and time..

Sessions generally begin at 11am and 4:30pm. Keep in mind that sessions last 4-5 hours and cost $100 extra from Friday at Noon through Sunday.

Step Three: Write a list of questions for your higher self.

I recommend 5-20 questions. They can be about anything but I especially recommend questions about 1) Life Purpose, 2) Recurring reactive patterns, issues and problems 3) Talents and advice about bringing them to full potential 4) Relationship dynamics 5) Underlying emotional issues that are at the root of physical and other issues.

Write or print your questions on a piece of paper you can give me. Please don’t bring them on your electronic device. That just takes up valuable session time having me write them down.

Step Four: Call me for a final preparatory chat.

My number is 212-505-7729. Text me anytime and let me know a good time to talk. We will chat for 5-15 minutes and I’ll answer any remaining questions you have.

Step Five: The Day of the Session

Be well rested, if possible. Drink your morning coffee if that is your habit but not more than usual.

The main guideline is that you are comfortable. If you haven’t gotten any sleep that will pose issues when you go into hypnosis. If you have 20 espressos in the morning, you won’t be able to relax. Otherwise, no major preparation needed. No fasting or anything like that.

The best preparation is meditation, if you wish to do more. Otherwise just come in with an open mind.

After the Session

If you bring in a USB stick or laptop I will give you a copy of the audio recording of your hypnosis session on the spot. Otherwise, I’ll send it via email/Google Drive.

It is essential to the process to listen to the recording repeatedly. Listening isn’t just about getting information but also about strengthening your connection to your Higher Self.

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