Time: Two and a half hours minimum.

Price: $500 per 2.5 hours/ $1500 per day, Manhattan only.  Call for quote for other locations.



This is a unique form of consulting that starts with the person in charge.  This person, the boss, sets the tone for the entire enterprise and all aspects of a company’s survival and success are directly impacted by this person’s faults, weaknesses, insecurities, reactive patterns and blind spots.  All of those things get in the way of well intentioned leaders and can turn the workplace into an arena of high-stress misery.

Work should be an expression of our uniqueness and joy.  Creativity and self expression should be at the heart of every enterprise.  If a correct tone is set in a company, beginning with the hiring process, teams can be assembled that align their gifts with the goal of the company.  This is all too rare in the business world but, it is not an impossible or totally unrealistic goal.  All it takes is the person at the top realizing that they are manifesting the emotional tone and level of happiness and satisfaction of everyone in the company.  If that tone is raised and job satisfaction is increased for all, work can feel more like play and increasing revenue is a direct result of this improved environment.


Businesses are getting wise to the fact that everything is energy and that the quality of energy we put out influences what we receive in return.  Businesses are involved in manifesting profits, manifesting failure, manifesting a productive exciting environment or manifesting a place where fear and insecurity affect productivity.  Businesses that operate in a short-sighted fashion that ignores the feelings their actions generate are doomed either to failure or being horrible environments that only attract negative energy and negative employees.

This work combines ‘out of the box’ thinking with extremely practical, grounded advice.  Businesses, like people, can hold on to negative patterns that make life miserable for everyone and impact the bottom line.  Avoidance of unpleasant reality can lead managers to sweep issues under the rug that slowly poison any enterprise.  This form of consulting is about systematically revealing all of the issues that are blocking the forward motion of the enterprise and transforming those issues so that the company can thrive both financially and as a great place to work.

We begin this work with the boss, one on one for a few sessions, and then usually proceed to group sessions involving managers or even everybody in small companies.