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energy healing phone sessions

I’d love to help you with your personal journey of transformation.

Some of the most powerfully transformative work I ever do is through energy healing phone sessions with people all over the world. Phone sessions are available to anyone, anywhere. The only prerequisite is having a telephone.  I find that the intuition that opens up is sometimes enhanced by NOT being in the same room with a person. Booking a session.

What happens in energy healing phone sessions?

Energy Healing Phone Sessions are very much like the individual energy healing sessions I do here in my office in New York City. You call me at the appointed time.  We begin by talking about your goals and what is blocking those goals. We discuss your life story. It is important to go into family dynamics, relationship patterns and all of the issues you have been dealing with that have limited you. After talking for around 80 minutes, we get off of the phone and I do long distance energy healing on you around the issues we have discussed. When I’m done with that, a process that takes around 30 minutes, I send you a text or email indicating I’m done and you call me back for a brief wrap up of the session.


Going to the root of the issue

My talent is in going straight to the root of the issue you are confronting. The root issue may seem strange to you but most people see the link when it is explained. It often goes to issues with your parents and upbringing, the usual psychological things. But you’ll find that I go at these issues in a unique way. You’ll find that you are holding onto past wounds and these wounds are limiting you. They limit you in areas such as creative self expression, relationships, self confidence, career and many other areas of life. It’s not enough to understand the roots of your issues. You also have to re-pattern the issues on a practical level. You also need to unwind the energy of these wounds and let go of the emotional avoidance that holds them in place.

Sources of Stuckness

I have a unique worldview that comes from my background of living in foreign countries, education as well as a difficult childhood. I have seen that we hold most of our problems in place, as mentioned above, by emotional avoidance. The problems themselves are established when we encounter some kind of trauma or limitation. Our life purpose gets thwarted by both of these factors. Trauma can come from various forms of physical, psychological, emotional or social abuse. Limitation can come from absorbing the limiting beliefs of parents, teachers and society as well. To overcome our limitations and traumas, it is important to deconstruct them and reconstruct ourselves. We do this both emotionally and in terms of our self image. I am a coach that takes you through that process.

*One hour phone sessions are available as well. The one hour phone sessions are counseling/strategic consulting sessions only.  They are not energy healing phone sessions. These sessions are usually part of ongoing work I do with clients.


After selecting your appointment time, please go to or my PayPal link below to make the appropriate payment. For 2 hour sessions, please select both hours. $100 per hour. [ssa_booking type=1-hour-consultation-by-phone]