Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ (QHHT) Questions

Q: What if I cannot be hypnotized?

Not only can you be hypnotized but you spend a huge amount of your life ‘under hypnosis’. What I mean by under hypnosis is being in a brainwave state below normal conscious awareness. The conscious mind operates in the BETA brain wavelength spectrum. You spend part of your life, the most analytical part, in this state. You spend much of the day in BETA but when you are driving, watching TV, staring out the window lost in thought, daydreaming and so forth, you are in the ALPHA state. This is also the first stage of hypnosis and the only stage needed for hypnosis to be successful. When you are in the ALPHA state you are still very aware and your conscious mind is still present. This presents no problem for hypnosis. In fact, being somewhat aware during a session can aid in integrating the session afterwards.

The next deeper state of hypnosis is THETA. In this brainwave range you will typically not remember what went on in the session. When people doubt their ability to be hypnotized what they are doubting is whether they will get to this state. In QHHT we always aim for the deepest possible state of trance but we are aware that, in the end, it is your higher self/subconscious mind that determines which state is optimal. There is really no need to strive for one state over the other because your higher self is taking care of that during the process. The only thing for the QHHT client to do is surrender to the process, understanding that the magic of this technique is that your higher self knows exactly what you need. As long as the conscious mind doesn’t try too much to interfere with what’s going on, amazing results are quite common.

Q: What if I don’t remember the session?

I record every session and provide you with a copy of the recording when you leave. It is highly encouraged that you listen to the session recording many times. We find that the more a client listens to the recording, the deeper the transformation goes.

Q: How do I know that what I’m seeing is real? What if I’m just making it all up?

Anytime we go beyond the realm of the conscious mind, the conscious mind is liable to go into doubt. This is normal.

The conscious mind is in charge of you in this life. It is not generally very aware of the rest of your multidimensional self. The conscious mind helps you focus on this life in this physical reality. It is a specialist and we would be in trouble without it.

When we see other realms and other lifetimes, we are accessing information from our higher selves. We are accessing a realm beyond the conscious mind and the knowledge it contains. As your protector in this life the conscious mind can be very territorial. It rejects anything that comes from other levels. This is okay. We can work with this by just explaining to the conscious mind (ego) that we are getting information to help you in very practical ways in this life. QHHT will enhance the experience of the conscious mind in this physical dimension so there is nothing that needs blocking.

And, belief is really not needed. What happens in QHHT sessions is primarily energetic and experiential. What that means is that you don’t even have to believe that a past life you see is biographically accurate. Just as in dream interpretation in psychotherapy, even if you ARE making up a past life, you are doing it to bring something up from the subconscious mind that has been stuck there, causing interference in this life. So, I tell my clients that if you think you are making it up, keep making it up. Just let the information flow. When you listen to the recording that I provide you will see that the things that came up were not things you could make up so easily.

Energy Healing Questions

Q: What happens in a private session?  What can I expect?

Although each session is unique, the format for energy healing sessions is generally a ninety minute conversation followed by thirty minutes of energy healing.  You can expect to be guided into repressed emotions that need healing.  You can expect to encounter challenges to your ‘story’ and presented with alternative, ‘higher-frequency’ versions of that story.  The conversation element of the session is somewhat similar to other forms of talk therapy except that I am more engaged rather than passive.  I do not hesitate to give advice or to disagree.

Hypnosis sessions last 5 hours.  We begin with an interview that lasts at least two hours and then go to the hypnotic regression which lasts around two hours.  You can almost always expect to feel great afterwards.  There can be a range of reactions to finding more of your true self but the end result is the integration of your many aspects.


Q: What is ‘Energy Healing’?

Energy healing is based on the idea that, fundamentally, everything is energy and everything works better when energy is allowed to flow naturally rather than be stuck.  Your emotions are energy and so is your body.  Your thoughts are energy as well.  Energies that are stuck bring about suffering.  If you are stuck on the thought that life is not fair and that you are ‘not good enough’, you will suffer whenever you dwell on those thoughts and the emotions they bring up.  Energy Healing techniques like Transformatology®, VortexHealing®, Reiki and others release the constrictions in our bodies and entire energy system so that healing can occur, resulting in increased well being on all levels.

Q: Is this work based on any religion?  What is your religious background?  Are certain beliefs required?

This work is not about religious belief.  I have worked with fundamentalist Christians, Mormons, Hasidic Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and secular people of all backgrounds.  Personally, I grew up in a non-religious household, went to a fundamentalist Christian private school through third grade, became Jewish by age 11, had a Bar Mitzvah and later volunteered in a Kibbutz in Israel and now value spirituality more than any organized religion.


Q: Will I always feel better after a session?  What if I feel worse?

There is no guarantee that you will feel better immediately afterwards.  The reason most of us have lingering negativity or limitation in life is because of emotional avoidance.  If we process an emotion, it won’t remain a recurring pattern.  We can only process emotions by going into them and releasing the trauma and holding on that keeps them in place.   This work is not so much based on short-term results but more on the necessity of removing every form of conditioning possible that is getting in the way of your highest manifestations.  If your intention is more to feel better in the short term, it is important to communicate that before the start of the session.

Q: How long does it take?  How many sessions will I need?

Many clients are satisfied with a few sessions focusing on one single issue.  Some clients desire a more comprehensive transformation.  I get these questions a lot.  The main answer is that it depends on how far you would like to go.  Many clients, especially those in creative fields, find a lot of value in this work even after a decade.

Q: Are you a Psychic?  Is this like a psychic reading?

I believe we are all intuitive and we can develop our intuition to an amazing degree if we commit to clearing our conditioned mental and emotional issues.  Some people can read others’ emotions and some have a very hard time doing so.  So called psychic abilities are natural.  We only lose them because of trauma and stress, insecurity and fear.  Because I have dedicated my life to clearing my negative patterns, have trained in multiple healing modalities and have practiced this art for over a decade, I have the ability to perceive things in a way others would label ‘psychic’.  I do not do psychic readings or focus on other people in your life in a way that makes them the focal point.  I do employ my intuitive abilities to lead you deeper into releasing the issues blocking your path.