Grounding: The Basis for All Manifestation–(Article and Workshop Description)

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Grounding is fundamental to physical manifestation.

Grounding and manifestation can seem like opposite kinds of energy, and they are. They are opposites kind of like the way the head and feet are opposites. They are opposite but they need each other. There are a lot of people out there thinking they can move through life as a head, with no feet. Grounding is fundamental to manifestation and that message is the purpose of this article.

Conscious Manifestation

It is becoming ever more apparent to all that we are the creators of our lives. Ideas of Karma, that the energy we put out has a direct bearing on what we receive from the world, are becoming more widely accepted in Western society than ever before. This is occurring during a period of spiritual acceleration that is challenging old, limiting concepts of self. So, we are simultaneously seeing the potential for creating within our lives more consciously than ever before while, at the same time, seeing the need to clear away forms of conditioning that are no longer useful. It is not possible or desirable to master conscious manifestation when we embody forms of reactive conditioning that have us behave in automatic/unconscious ways.

Grounding is about being completely present to whatever is arising, both in the outer and inner worlds. The outer world is one of manifested phenomena and the inner world is where the inspiration and intuition emerge to direct the outward manifestations. We are the meeting point between the two. When you achieve a grounded state, life slows down around you and you have opportunities you never saw with your overactive, over analytical mind. When you are ungrounded the mind swirls with hopes and worries. This activity has no impact on physical reality outside of your body.

The mind loves its drama and chaos

So, sitting in this point, most people are in a state of uncontrolled emotional reactivity that is ever-changing. The constant emotional fluctuations cause a loss of focus which means that there is less consciousness available for creating our divinely-inspired dreams. And even when you create amazing things, the emotional fluctuations make it difficult to enjoy our creations and our lives. When we cannot fully feel what we have created and enjoy our accomplishments, we tend to self-sabotage. We see success as an accident or just luck and we see difficulty as the base reality.

Grounding is about being centered and present to what is going on both internally and externally. Without grounding intuition and inspiration are freak events to be gazed at mysteriously. Intuition and inspiration seem to be separate from one’s true nature. So, grounding and manifestation are symbiotic. They need each other.

In a grounded state, intuition and inspiration are the building blocks of creativity. They are natural raw materials for creating consciously. It takes grounding to see an opportunity. It takes grounding to stay focused on manifesting that reality into physical existence. And it takes grounding to be able to integrate the growth that has been achieved by creating something entirely new.

Grounding and Manifestation Seminar

In Transformatology® group energy healing seminars, as in all that I do, we will have two goals. The first is to clear issues that block us from being more grounded. There are common elements that are shared by all that can be healed at the group level. The second goal is to boost the level of groundedness in all participants. The session involves both discussion and meditation where I will do a group energy healing for both goals. Exact details of what will be discussed and healed cannot be known in advance because I work from the group energy at the time of the event.

If you would like to host a workshop with this, or a similar theme, get in touch with me at and we can arrange it.


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