This hypnotherapy page covers all forms of hypnosis that I do, both past and future life hypnosis.

Progression Hypnosis: A Multi-dimensional Journey

Have you ever imagined going back in this life to younger years, knowing everything you know now? How amazing would it be to have your present knowledge and wisdom back when you were a kid, a teenager, a young adult?
Progression hypnosis lets a more advanced YOU come back and give you its knowledge and wisdom.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to connect to the higher self. I do different types of hypnosis.
Andy Sway and Dolores Cannon

Past life regression and Progression Hypnosis-“Which Should I do First?”

I would recommend most people begin with Past Life Regression if they have difficult issues in this life. Past Life Regression is more therapeutic when it comes to emotional issues like a constant feeling of or fear of not being good enough. Progression hypnosis is about new possibilities and a new vision for the future. Clients who book one Past Life Regression and one Progression Hypnosis session together, and prepay for both, will receive a $50 discount on the two session package.
I have practiced past life regression for nine years, and continue to offer that service. Past life regression goes back to issues you’ve carried forward from the past. It helps you release issues and energies that may have been stuck within you for lifetimes. It serves a great purpose and is a fast track to personal transformation.

What I have seen through my hypnosis work is that past life regression can be a bit limited in its potential to bring forth new realities. It’s great for cleaning up psychological ‘messes’ but there is a tendency to get overly focused on the past and not aware enough of the multi-dimensional potentials you possess right now.

Multi dimensional reality

Progression Hypnosis is based on the idea that reality is multi dimensional. There is no set future. There is actually no set past either. Infinity is accessed through attunement to frequency. That means that time doesn’t exist as we experience it and that everything is already in existence. The way we move through time and space is by resonating with the time and space we move through. Change the frequency and you change the reality. We don’t know how we do it, but we do it constantly. Progression hypnosis uses the mechanism of movement through infinity to take us to alternate realities. Some of those we would call ‘future’.
Imagine everything that has ever happened, will ever happen or even could ever happen is on movie film. This film isn’t on a reel, it is in pieces. Every single piece is a freeze frame of reality. We assemble these pieces in different ways to experience infinity. One way we assemble the pieces is in a form we call time. We put those pieces one after another and see situations unfold in time. Now imagine that this is only one way of assembling the pieces. Imagine that there are infinite ways of lining up these frames and experiencing reality. Progression hypnosis is a way of doing this.

Progression Hypnosis is a method that can take you to probable future lives and other aspects of your multidimensional self. It is similar to Past Life Regression but not exactly Future Life Regression because there is no set future, only probabilities. But these probabilities can be guiding lights that take you to new possibilities in the Now.

Future Life Progression

Progression hypnosis can take you into future lives. Future lives are amazing because you are connecting with a part of yourself that is more highly evolved than you are now. You can learn a lot more from connecting with your future self than with your past lives.
Progression Hypnosis isn’t exactly Future Life Progression because it is more about potential futures than the idea of a set future.
This isn’t about going into hypnosis, progressing to next week and getting the lottery numbers. Sorry. This is about connecting with the wisdom of a future you. It is a groundbreaking technique that can take you to a new level in this life. Here’s a YouTube Video about Progression Hypnosis: https://youtu.be/p5lqxvWE9Wk
One thing to keep in mind with this technique, as well as with past life regression, is that it is the higher self that takes us through these experiences. The higher self chooses where we go and what we see. Thus, there is no guarantee of a ‘future’ event being experienced. In my experience, we do experience what we intend to experience but it is important to stay open to the magic of our higher selves and not get in the way of what it is trying to show us.
Progression Hypnosis sessions last 3-4 hours. The fee is $350/ $450 on weekends, Noon Friday-Sunday Evening.