Manifesting from Innocence

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manifesting from innocence and joy
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Manifesting from innocence is far more effortless than what most people are attempting with their intention. We are here on Earth as physical beings in order to manifest the divine desires that spontaneously emerge from the core of our being. There is a Divine Essence at our core that we have abandoned and that we continue to abandon.

Unfortunately we have been conditioned to feel that this core is a dangerous place to be. We are afraid of the pain that we may find there.

Disconnection from Innocence

As children, we all went through a time where we lost paradise. We all have our own personal Garden of Eden stories. We clenched and disconnected from spirit and we were left to fend for ourselves in a seemingly hostile world. Instead of manifesting from innocence we came up with strategies for dealing with a hostile environment. We began thinking that creating our lives was all up to us. We disconnected from the flow.

Our coping strategies found cohesion in something we invented: our personality. And the protection of our personality and all of its offensive and defensive mechanisms ended up trapping us in this world of separation. After a time we lost our memory of what came before this state of separation.

Manifesting from Innocence Offered as a Seminar

I offer a one-day seminar on manifesting from innocence that brings participants to a new, grounded understanding of the Conscious Manifestation process. It begins a healing process on a portion of our inner beings that most of us have been neglecting and avoiding since childhood. This process, taken to the end, brings participants to a state of innocence that is a prerequisite to the pure, spontaneous joy that is Conscious Manifestation. The seminar will include discussion as well as group energy healings.

If you are interested in attending or even hosting this seminar, let me know! Email me at

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