My Story

Desperately wanting to be a cowboy, age 10.

Escaping My Own Matrix

There has been a weird theme in my life of living in conservative places where I felt out of place. My story begins in the Central Valley of California where I now realize I never fit in. I was interested in a lot of “out there” topics in a place that was Christian and conservative.

When my father left my mother when I was five years old, her gay friend Jim moved in with us. Jim was the funniest man alive. He was a prankster and brought an energy of creativity and non-conformity to our home. We were kind of outcasts in our neighborhood but we loved it. My mother was the only adult in the neighborhood with a college degree. That and her status as divorced marked us. Once Jim hung the big poster of Santa Claus that people have on their front door upside-down, on purpose. Every neighbor came to inform us of this breach of the rules and we just laughed.

Then, as if not fitting in wasn’t enough with a gay prankster in the house, my mom married a Jewish man and we all proceeded to convert to Judiasm. I had never met a Jew in my life and had no idea what to expect. I had spent my entire childhood in a private Christian school and now I was preparing for a Bar Mitzvah. Before I ever attended a Temple service I tried to imagine what the Rabbi would talk about and all I could imagine is endless sermons entitled, “Why we don’t believe in Jesus.” That’s really all I knew about Jews.

That feeling of being out of place has helped me with my clients in a huge way. The people who gravitate to my work generally don’t fit in completely to the Matrix they were born into. People who have always felt a little out of place just have to work a little harder to find their place. A gay man with a passion for fashion can have a hard time in Nebraska. When they do break free of their conditioning it is oftentimes spectacular. It is difficult to find your path when you refuse to conform to the limitations of your upbringing but it is so worth it when you do.

I began exploring the wider world at an early age. (For you Astrology buffs, my sun and Neptune are in the 9th house.)My travels and studies took me first to Norway at age 10 where I lived with relatives most of the summer. I went to Sweden at the age of sixteen where I was a foreign exchange student for a year. I became totally obsessed with Sweden and determined that I would emigrate there within the first week I lived there. I mastered the language and culture and became an honorary Swede for a while.

At age eighteen, I moved to Israel where I completed an intensive Hebrew language course on a Kibbutz. I then emigrated to Sweden for life, I thought. But the winters were just too much and I realized I needed to get some higher education. I returned to California and started college and later completed my Bachelors degree in International Affairs at the American
College in Paris.

Altogether I spent over six years living in Europe. I have lived in Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, Israel and England and speak Swedish, French and German besides my native English.

Spiritual Awakenings

My introduction to the inner worlds of spirituality began at fourteen, when I met my first spiritual teacher, Laura Riene. Laura was my art teacher in summer school but turned out above all to be more of a mentor and guru. She lovingly ripped my ego to shreds, and being near her was like what I imagine it must have been like being near Christ or the Buddha.

This woman was so full of wisdom that with one look, and without words, she would answer my most perplexing questions. I would ask her a question about something that was tearing me up emotionally and causing a lot of confusion. She would give me that knowing look and I would go from total confusion to absolute knowing. I would then feel silly for ever having asked the question. She radiated pure love but held an impossibly high standard or purity. I’ve always felt that looking for a guru would be indulgent after having a teacher like that. Mrs. Riene gave me spiritual homework that will never be fully complete. There was no use looking for more prescriptions from other teachers. I had to find it myself.

Laura Riene

Trying the Intellectual Path

In 1998 I was in the middle of a PhD program because I wanted to be a professor of International and Comparative Politics. At that point I had no idea about energy healing but had been vaguely interested in hypnosis and past lives.

My first energy healing breakthrough blew my mind and changed the course of my life when a friend offered to practice some energy healing on me. This event—a true aha! moment—immediately triggered my exploration into “alternative” approaches to healing. Within a few minutes into the session I had regressed to my birth and was able to release a huge issue.

After that session I knew my life would change. My six years of Doctoral Studies would have to end with a downgrade, a Master’s Degree in Political Science. I ended up devoting myself to energy healing and personal transformation as a vocation. After that point I trained in the healing modalities of Holographic Repatterning™, Reiki, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, and Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™(QHHT) and ‘M’ Energy Healing®.

Healing in the Fashion and Entertainment World

Throughout my healing career I’ve attracted a clientele of highly creative people in the fields of fashion, entertainment and art, among other things. I seem to have a knack for guiding people through the process of expressing their creativity. This brings me a lot of amusement because I never thought of myself as creative or artistic in any way. But as soon as I started doing this work, I surprisingly began attracting clients on the cutting edge of creative self expression. I have worked with some of the most exciting creative people in fashion and entertainment. It thrills me to assist talented creative people to become more confident and powerful in their work.

33 Years in New York and Now Back to California

My plan moving to New York in 1987 was to learn about the big bad world of business. Then I would get out of a city I assumed I would hate. I always assumed that I would return to Europe, but I ended up loving New York, and still do. But the Universe kept pointing me back to California. I finally listened. It’s good to be back home!

Whitley Ave. Hollywood