There is no Free Will in “The Zone” (From May 9, 2016)

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In the Zone

We Earthlings are very attached to our Free Will. This is very understandable, given the history of humans controlling one another for millennia. But, if you listen to a teacher of non-duality (I recommend the YouTube videos of Tony Parsons) you will usually hear that there is no such thing as free will. In Oneness, or non-duality, there is nothing separate from ‘the one’ that would have free will. The ego does not like the idea of not having free will. Spirit isn’t as concerned, apparently.

A life without free will?

One of the things I see a lot in my past life regression hypnosis practice is people experiencing past lives as beings without free will. By this, I don’t mean slaves or such. I mean non-human entities that live their whole lives without any free will. At first, this was a horrifying possibility to me. Gradually this has changed.

As I mentioned in my last post, “Past Lives as Aliens“, an often-repeated theme in alien past lives is clients reporting being extremely good at their jobs. They seem to have an expertise unlike anything humans can imagine outside of the realms of world-class, exceptional talent. This also seems to be the case in the animal kingdom as well as with small children. What I have found is that these beings, aliens as well as non-human Earth creatures, are actually in a state of Oneness that is experienced like what we would call being “In the Zone.” In this mode of existence there is no ego and no behavior contrary to the true nature of the being doing it. There is no hating your job. There is no resistance to the actions you are performing.

Free will resists

We humans are in a constant state of resisting what is going on around us, school, work, practicing, waking up, going to sleep, exercising and most things we do. We didn’t always do that. As young kids we had resistance imposed on us by people living in a mode of resisting. Our spontaneity was slowly drained out of us. We adapted to that mode and the ego realm that is intertwined with it. It is a razor’s edge kind of walk we have to take to utilize our free will to ultimately become free of it. The constant risk of reinforcing the ego is always there.

Think of anytime you were in the Zone. Things just go right. You are in a state of flow where you don’t really control what you are doing. It is like you are pure action with no thought. This can happen doing creative things like art, music and writing It can happen in sports and certainly, in sex. The Zone is beyond your control. It is beyond free will. YOU don’t really exist there. You only really get it when it is over. And then you try to get it back and find that you can’t. That’s because, not only is there no free will in the zone, there is no YOU.

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