I have practiced energy healing in New York for over twenty years and have attracted a wide range of clients, especially clients who are in creative professions or wish to transition to work that involves unleashing their creativity to the highest levels.

Clients new to this work are often surprised at how practical this approach can be. In private sessions we start with the real issues of your life, career, relationships, self-esteem, creative self expression.  Sessions are a unique combination utilizing aspects of talk therapy, life coaching, business consulting and friendly wise advice.  Energy healing techniques complete the transformation by taking it beyond the mind.  Personal transformation comes quickly working one on one.  If you are ready to clear up long standing negative patterns and are not afraid to look into your own shadows, this work can change both your inner and outer reality starting with the first session.

These sessions are based on the belief that any emotional suffering you experience contains a lesson that has not yet been learned. People in repetitive patterns of negativity or suffering are being shown by the universe that they need to heal an issue. Stuck issues create a kind of gravitational pull that brings in issues that can either wound or teach us.  We see this most vividly in relationship patterns. People manifest the same dramas with different characters. Usually there is an issue going back to childhood that has left an emotion suppressed. Any emotion that has been suppressed that remains unhealed, will generate lessons in our lives. This work unravels the pattern and brings us to a deeper state of acceptance, self love and authenticity.

In a typical session we spend approximately and hour and a half in conversation and a half hour doing energy healing. The conversation part of the session is guided by intuition as well as logic. While we are talking we are unveiling the core beliefs and emotional avoidance and suffering underlying the issues that are limiting you. We are also bringing into sharper focus the talents, desires and unique creative genius that is your Core Frequency. As we clear out limiting beliefs and emotions and strengthen your confidence to embody your gifts, your life begins to unfold in directions you never anticipated being realistic.

Time: Two hours. Over the Phone or In Person.

Price: $200

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If you need to get in touch more quickly please email me at andysway@yahoo.com.