Dolores Cannon, founder QHHT past life regression for connecting to the higher self through hypnosis
Andy Sway With QHHT founder and Hypnosis Healing Mentor Dolores Cannon in Fayetteville, Arkansas 2013.

QHHT Past Life Regression in NYC

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If you are interested in getting to the core of who you really are and why you are here, past life regression hypnosis can be the biggest life-changing service I can offer you in a single session. For clients who are doing ongoing energy healing work with me, this gives us a chance for a quantum leap in healing and spiritual awakening. Other clients just choose to do past life regression once, or periodically.

Sessions are conducted in my office on 26th and Broadway in Manhattan or at your location for an extra fee. There is no requirement for multiple sessions like there is with some other hypnosis techniques.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), developed by Dolores Cannon is an amazing shortcut to connecting with, not only past lives, but our higher selves. These sessions can be intense and life changing. If you are ready to integrate higher levels of your being into your daily life, and ready to live your purpose more authentically, this might be something you want to do.

What hypnosis is

People tend to misunderstand what hypnosis really is because their ideas about hypnosis are influenced by stage shows and movies. A lot of people assume they will be out of control, while really it’s quite the opposite. You are actually in full control. Really it’s as simple as spacing out watching TV or driving on a long stretch of highway. It’s a process of being guided into a state of mind where the conscious, monkey mind gets a little more relaxed and begins to fade into the background. When our ego mind fades, amazing things emerge.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis is truly mind blowing in its ability to bring healing on all levels. It can harness the body’s ability to self heal on a physical level and it is an amazing technique for emotional healing as well.

The late Dolores Cannon developed her method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT, achieved amazing results that were detailed in her 20 books and taught this method around the world. I am proud to have trained with her directly and to have been a practitioner of past life regression for the past eight years. I have worked with over 900 clients, helping them get to the root of profound issues, helping them transform into a healthier more authentic version of themselves.

Why experience past life regression hypnotherapy?

The fact is that you have been around for a long time. Maybe you’d like to know your origins.

Think of this as like “23andMe” for the soul.

Some people make an argument that past lives can’t be real because of the population growth on Earth. Their argument is, “If reincarnation is true, where do all of these new souls come from?”  But the universe is big! You have lived in many eras and potentially in other places in the universe. You have existed in various physical forms and in various non physical states. Past Life Regression using Dolores Cannon’s Hypnosis technique (QHHT) taps directly into your higher self to bring about deep transformation.

The Higher Self

These sessions are actually led by your ‘subconscious’ mind/higher self.  I’m just a guide in this process. With this method we not only explore past lives but also establish contact with the higher self, the part of you that knows all of your history.  It is the part of you that is your multi-dimensional self. Speaking with it is a huge honor that I get use  to experience in every  QHHT session.

Your higher self holds the keys to your highest potential. It knows why you are here. You do have a life purpose and it can guide you to it. Your higher self also has the ability to heal you mentally, emotionally and physically. I am only the guide for the healing that comes through in these hypnosis sessions. It is the higher self that does all of the work.

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“If reincarnation is true, can you really know yourself without some understanding of your past lives?”

You do have a life purpose and QHHT hypnosis helps you identify your purpose in life.   More and more people are opening up to the idea of reincarnation. In this work I have seen that you are not limited to this life.  You are immortal and eternal.  Without tapping the information you possess within, you are trapped in the illusion of nothing beyond the physical.  Without knowing, and experiencing, who you have been, you have no clear idea why you are here now.  You have no idea of your deeper purpose.  You then get lost in the material illusion with no reference points in the larger reality.

Clearing Separation Issues

This leads to separation consciousness, fear and ISSUES.  Many issues. Emotional issues, relationship issues, and conformity issues torment many of us.  Many issues are not explainable by just looking at the traditional targets of therapy such as childhood trauma.  Some issues have their roots much deeper in the psyche and farther back in the past.

Dolores Cannon, author and hypnotherapist, has developed a way to clear these kinds of deep seated issues and I am excited to be a practitioner of her unique hypnosis technique.

QHHT- A Powerful Past life regression hypnosis technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique™ (QHHT) is a healing method that combines past-life regression hypnosis with physical and emotional healing. This is an extremely powerful method that regularly brings about miraculous transformation, sometimes instantly.

How does it feel after the session?

Clients almost universally feel refreshed, relaxed and invigorated after QHHT hypnosis sessions.  Reliving past life scenarios allows deep-seated issues such as guilt and fear to be lifted almost instantly when we uncover their root cause.  Some physical ailments and emotional stuck points are the result of unresolved past life trauma.  These clear up extremely quickly for many when we remember and emotionally process our past life traumas.

This work is not a substitute for receiving necessary medical or psychiatric attention.

Sessions are recorded and clients are strongly encouraged to listen to the recordings repeatedly.

Time: Up to Five hours

Only available in person:

Price: $400 Monday through Friday at Noon

$500 from Noon Friday through Sunday Evening

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Some QHHT Past Life Regression Hypnosis Testimonials:

-Immediately upon the initial consultation I noticed a peculiar perceptive glint radiating from Andy’s eyes, I was not surprised that by the time the interview was over, Andy had already already seen through the phantasms of my own making which hindered my growth. What happened after the hypnosis not only felt like a a removal of a stagnation that left my upper chakras and arms vibrating, but almost felt like a imbuement from the divine. While one of my key issues has yet proven to resolve itself, what I have received in turn was well worth it ten times over.
 Felix Ce, Photographer
New York City
I met with Andy in January of 2016 for a QHHT session. My goal was to know who and “what” I AM,  where I came from and to more clearly understand the job or mission I had here on earth. Throughout our session Andy’s skills became apparent as he intuitively asked the right questions which facilitated a deeper understanding of my purpose. The session affirmed my many thoughts and feelings as to what “we” are doing here. I was left with a great sense of peace mixed with a good dose of enthusiasm that we are on the right track, that everything happens for a reason and there is hope for the human race. The timing for the session was perfect, after many years of doing the inner work of excavating and releasing outdated conditioning and patterning, the session “teed me up” to move forward and “Get the show on the road”! I am grateful to have had the session and am excited about the future for myself and our planet. Thank you Andy.
Jennifer Kelder. Manasquan, NJ
I met with Andy with the desire to have a deeply-rooted experience of the rightness of my life. I knew that if I could meet the spirit or ethos of this incarnation, space would be made available to step into the  personal shifts that are waiting at the edges of my life. I also wish to  participate in the collective shifts that are calling with as full awareness as possible. My experience exceeded this hope.  There are echos of the session nearly a week later that offer openings into new depth, but also seem to be outlining what is further needed based on the new awareness. The session  continues to gently and daily remind me of personal core truths.  In these reminders are release and relief. 
Thank you Andy for your skill and compassion.
Iris Krstanovich,  Spiritual Intuitive.  Manasquan, NJ, Readings With Iris
I met Andy exactly at the correct timeline in my life, January 18, 2018, for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHH) session. For me personally, all this was about a journey. I just happened not to know what this journey would entail much less where it would lead me. Emphatically I can say, that Andy is a very strong person. His ability to lead in a session is phenomenal and comforting, to one, who’s never traveled this road before. Such as myself. I was not looking to fix anything in my life. I only knew I was searching for something but did not know what that meant, much less how to go about finding the path I needed to go on.
Andy was the teacher, the guider, the wiseman, the reader of the energies, the questioner, the giver of answers, the comforter, in the hardest of moments, when my very essence was ripped apart and remade. The changes that these sessions, with Andy, brought about are at times momentous and at times filled with subtlety, that only upon reflection, does one see as to how profound the changes have become in ones everyday life, and how subtly these changes impact others in my personal life.
Thank you Andy, for your gifts that you choose to share, these gifts that you’ve honed throughout your life, that you’ve bestowed upon me, in my souls journey. For the first time in my lifetime I am as one. No internal conflicts within myself. Simply whole. At peace. Andy’s skills are astounding as they are sublime.
Franciska R. Stankovich


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