$100 per hour by phone or in person (2 hour minimum in person).  Manifestation Consulting sessions involve no Energy Healing.

The Prerequisites

The idea that we create our reality has been getting a lot of attention since The Secret was published.  This notion is empowering, seductive and correct.  Unfortunately, what many people skipped over in their attempt to create a new reality was all of the negative, conditioned behavior, patterns of belief and thinking that holds us in old patterns.  There was an attempt to visualize and do affirmations to get what we want without clearing out the issues that make certain manifestations almost impossible.  My approach to conscious manifestation goes deeply into these areas so that we avoid the trap of trying to manifest something with the conscious mind that is undermined by unresolved unconscious programming.

First, the Basics:

Victim or Creator?

We have two choices in our basic orientation to life: victim or creator.  The first thing we do in Manifestation Consulting is get very clear that we are not victims.  We are creators.  We cannot really begin the process of manifesting the life we desire until we clear our victim consciousness–as much as possible.  This can take a huge amount of work and is an essential part of the process that cannot be rushed.

Bubble Universe-

Your reality is a bubble universe.  You do not share the same exact reality with anyone else.  Only you look at the world through your eyes.  You don’t see your mother the same way your siblings do, for example.  Nobody sees reality exactly the way you do.  There is no objective reality.  This is good news for you as creator.  It means you have a perfect mirror surrounding you at all times.  All you have to do is learn to read the signs and you can start rearranging your reality into something more compatible with your true nature.  It also means that in doing so you won’t be taking anything away from anyone else by manifesting your dreams.

Sum of All Energies-

Your personal reality is constructed by the sum total of all of your energies.  By energies I mean thoughts, beliefs, things you avoid, suppressed emotional charges and everything you can think of.  Your energies also include your core frequency and karma that you may have brought with you from previous existences.

Desire and Evolution-

You are here to evolve.  The universe you create contains your desires as well as the tests required to bring your consciousness to the level at which the desires can be fulfilled.  Personal evolution is the only thing you are really here to do, except have fun!