Mentoring by Andy Sway
Andy Sway

Mentoring for those of you who are dedicated to going extremely deep, extremely quickly. This is NOT for everyone. It is a one month process (can be extended) of completely re-writing your story, re-aligning your emotional state and cleaning up in-authenticity in your life. This process is extremely challenging and only for those who are dedicated to awakening to their authentic spiritual selves and clearing everything that is getting in the way.

Unexpressed Potential

We all have talents and gifts that are beyond our current imagination and self image. We have built a limited reality that conforms to our limitations. The problem for many spiritual seekers is that they know all of this but they don’t know how to translate their higher insights into their careers and relationships. This process is as much about guidance as it is about healing issues.

Perfect for:

Monthly One on One Mentoring Package   $1111.00

Includes 4 Two Hour Energy Healing Sessions–Regularly $800


2- Four to Five Hour Past Life Regression Hypnosis Sessions–Regularly $800


2- One hour phone sessions–Regularly $200