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The “Event” and “The New Earth”

A Fresh New Reality Emerging

There is a new wave of information coming through my Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions about an upcoming shift in human consciousness. The “Event” and the “New Earth” are two terms used to describe this transition. Those of you familiar with Dolores Cannon’s book, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”, are aware of the basic premise that we are ascending to a new level of awareness and vibration. The idea is that we will actually transcend beyond 3D reality and move into a completely new reality.

Check out this session about how the magic is returning.


A lot of people feel like they “are not from here” and want to go home. According to the information coming through in my hypnosis sessions, this is because they are volunteers. They have volunteered to come to Earth to help raise the frequency. These volunteers perceive the Earth as a very harsh place and oftentimes feel that they don’t belong here. When we contact their higher self, their purpose emerges.

QHHT reveals the Big Picture

When we do a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, developed by Dolores Cannon) the hypnosis part of the session is broken up into two parts. The first part is the past life part. In this part we explore one or more past lives. These lives are actually selected by the higher self. The reason for seeing one life versus another is that there are unresolved issues that stem from past lives. There can also be positive things like a talent or personality trait that we need to reclaim.

The second part of a QHHT session is when we contact the “subconscious” or higher self. In this part of the session the client is literally channeling their higher self or soul. This is when a lot of really interesting information emerges! The higher self sees things from a much larger perspective and wants to share this perspective with us.

There are many variations on the theme and many predictions of what is to come during the “event” and the “new Earth”. I try not to get distracted by the small differences in details. Instead I focus on the fact that most of my clients’ higher selves are basically saying the same thing. They are saying that we are on the verge of a huge shift that will impact everyone on Earth. Looking at the current situation, it is hard to argue that this isn’t happening.

Healthy Skepticism vs High Frequency Hope

I find a need to balance out an urge to indulge in fantasies about paradise and soul deadening skepticism. On the one hand, fantasies get us un-grounded when it comes to the mundane reality we face. “Spiritual” people can become silly and disconnected with reality. Others are skeptical about any drastic positive change being possible. They think things are as they always have been. Arguments are made about the unchanging nature of people and their evil ways.

I think that it is important to dream of a better reality while staying grounded here. That doesn’t mean accepting this reality as unchanging. It means accepting this reality as the current status quo. Within that framework it is important to imagine what may seem currently impossible. It is important to imagine, for example, a world without war. This is most effective when people understand political power mechanisms as well as principles of energetic ascension.

Your Angelic Aspect

In one recent session, it was explained by the higher self of my client that all humans have an angelic aspect. This is a non physical aspect we are currently unaware of. In other words, we are all angels but we have forgotten. The client predicted that we will be merging with our angelic aspects and ascend to a new reality right here on Earth. Others say that reality is going to become more malleable. Manifestation will be more effortless.

Another way of explaining the shift is that we are ascending to a higher dimension. What that means is that we are transcending the polarity of duality into a more magical realm. Silly idea to most but it does stay in human consciousness no matter what.

Covid, The Event and the New Earth

Now in the Covid era there are a lot of theories about how this fits into the ascension predictions. One thing that has come out of my sessions is that things are going on in the background that will usher in the event and the new Earth. Clients’ higher selves have reported that the lockdown has been to keep us safe while battles over power go on behind the scenes. We’ll see.

The basic idea is that there are people who are trying to stop the ascension process and the “New Earth” by generating fear and holding people in a lower frequency with this fear. You see, fear is a very low frequency. It is a frequency that separates. Separation is disconnection from Source and this separation is healing within us and the world in general.

Here is another version of this wave of ascension by my QHHT colleague Allison Coe.

Here is what Dolores Cannon had to say about the event and the new Earth.

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