The Energy of Yearning

couple of hands reaching out to each other in yearning
Are you wanting it out of lack or embodying the energy of the thing you want to manifest?

Feel what it feels like to yearn for something.

We’ve all done it. We’ve been taught to. It’s part of the dissatisfaction that drives our world. Advertising would be a much smaller industry if we didn’t feel incomplete and in a state of yearning for some kind of completeness. So, just feel in your body what it feels like to yearn. To me it feels like bleeding energy from my heart that creates an emptiness within.

Yearning has been romanticized and encouraged. It is at the core of so many riveting dramas.

How does this affect manifestation?

But what if you are the one manifesting your reality? What does this energy create in your life? You see, conscious manifestation comes about more from the energy of our emotions than the thoughts we think. I would argue that it just creates a barrier to manifesting your desires because now you are in the frequency of lack rather than the frequency of what you are desiring.

Feeling that we lack something is necessary for yearning. But if we manifest our reality according to our energetic resonance then yearning and lack only create more of the same. It is a closed loop and we are trapped within it until we make a quantum leap change of orientation.

The antidote to yearning–embodying.

Rather than longing for the object of desire, I recommend ‘being the frequency’ of the thing we yearn for. If you yearn for love, be in the frequency of love. Not only does that mean you have just manifested it but you have also created the magnetic resonance that will bring more of it to you from the outside.

When you embody the energy of love, for example, you start to see what love really is. You start to enjoy the feeling and you tap into the source of that feeling within you. Then you realize that the source of love is you and that now, rather than longing for a missing feeling, you can spread that feeling to others. This is done without the sense of lack that would demand a “return for your investment”. In other words, when you are the source of love you have no need for any particular person to give you love. Instead, you become attuned to those who match your love frequency and you only have compassion for those who don’t.

Also, being the frequency of the thing you’ve been yearning for may just expose the things that have been blocking you from the goal you seek. When you fill yourself with a certain feeling you start to notice all of the feelings within you that don’t align with it. You start to notice all of the things that would throw you off balance and sabotage your manifestation.

That’s when you get a clear idea of what’s next on your healing journey.

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