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Personal transformation is my passion.

You may have come to the point in your life where transformation is not optional.  If you are like a lot of my clients you may have found that any unresolved issues you are holding create more and more drama and suffering as time goes by.

We have a true self and we have our reactivity. Over time our reactivity tends to take over, unless we do something about it. When we clear our mental and emotional reactive patterns, the true self shines through. That true self is confident, creative and resilient.

I love to deconstruct and re-frame peoples’ deepest issues and help them unlock their potential. I help you redefine your story and that makes it possible to create a new one that is actually true to who you really are. Personal transformation first requires getting clear on what is authentic and what needs to be released. Check out my blog page.

You may have done therapy or alternative healing. This work combines elements of both, but is quicker. This is a very practical approach using alternative methods. (Click here to listen to an interview I did a couple of years ago describing my work.)

If you are willing to join me in challenging your in-authenticity in all of its forms, I can guide you out of those patterns.  I have 20 years’ experience helping hundreds of people on all of these issues and more in my energy healing and consulting work.  I also have taken over 1000 people through past lives through hypnosis, so I have a unique view on how the human mind and emotions work and why we are here that goes beyond standard therapeutic approaches.


Everybody has a “Not good enough” issue.

And everybody needs to get over that one.

We adapted to our parents, siblings and teachers because they were bigger than us. They seemed smarter. They could reach things we couldn’t and do things we couldn’t do. We felt inadequate and we then sought to overcome this inadequacy. The problem is that our genius lies in whatever makes us unique. That uniqueness was oftentimes belittled. You felt ashamed for it and that shame is now an electric fence keeping you from the treasure of who you really are.

True personal transformation begins with the knowing that there is no person that is not good enough, even you. But knowing that doesn’t usually solve the problem. What it takes is a deep dive into the tangled web of insecurities, false beliefs and the adaptations we made to ourselves in light of these. It takes the courage to feel the things you’ve avoided so that you stop being constricted by old issues. My talent is in walking you through that process.


Get A New View of Life and Practical Strategies for Carrying it Out

All of my personal services, except for one hour phone consulting, include an in depth discussion of the changes you are seeking followed by either a form of energy healing work or hypnosis. My specialty is in helping you re-frame your issues and see your life in a new way. I will challenge assumptions you didn’t even know you had. Personal transformation is about committing to your authenticity and working diligently to clear out all of the reactivity and false beliefs getting in the way.

Once you can envision your life in a way that honors your uniqueness, we devise practical strategies for implementing the new authentic vision. With a new vision you can start to change your life. These strategies can be very challenging but they are a major shortcut to a new experience of life.




Past Life Regression Hypnosis (QHHT)

Progression Hypnosis (Future Life Progression)


Energy Healing

Space Clearing and “Divine Doors”

One on One Intensive Mentoring-One Month Program

Psychedelic Integration


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