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Make an appointment with Andy Sway,  a healer and hypnotist based in Hollywood, California.

Make an appointment here if you would like assistance in clearing out patterns that you want to transform and/or heal. Let me know your ideal date and whether you prefer morning or afternoon in the notes.

Whether you are dealing with career, relationship, self worth, family or any other issue, I’ll give you a new way of looking at it and a path to transform old patterns.

Check out the offerings below and don’t hesitate to email me at or text me at 212-505-7729.

The Cornerstone of This Work…

There are two things that form the foundation of all of the services I offer:

Clearing Inauthentic Patterns


Aligning with the Life Purpose

No matter whether I am doing a business consultation, past life regression hypnosis, energy healing, space clearing or any variation on those services, I am always focused on your highest purpose and the things getting in the way of that purpose. If you don’t know what to make an appointment for, just pick whatever interests you most. You will find that the same issues are handled in all types of appointments, just from a different angle.

My talent is in seeing what is blocking you on a deep emotional level as well as the level of belief. Aligning with purpose isn’t enough if you are in a state of emotional avoidance and clearing your issues isn’t enough if you don’t have a clear vision of your purpose and the talents you were gifted with to fulfill that purpose.

Make an appointment for…


Past Life Regression-QHHT-Hypnosis

Other Hypnotherapy-Future Life Progression and More

This 4-5 hour session is a way to get a massive dose of personal transformation in one session. We go over the themes and struggles in your life for around 2 hours before the hypnosis even begins. I also tap into your unique strengths before we explore past lives and connect with the wisdom of the Higher Self. $400 in LA County


Energy Healing

Energy healing sessions are two hours long. We speak and go over your issues for about 90 minutes and then do energy healing on the issues we covered. This is the best type of session for someone on a long term process of healing and self discovery. $200 in Hollywood. Text me at 212-505-7729 for a quote for other locations.


Strategic Consulting

You are a spirit but you also have practical concerns in the world like family, career, relationships and spiritual awakening. I guide you through an analysis of the situation and present creative solutions for you to glide through the Matrix smoothly and without undue drama. $100 per hour.

Home and Office

Space Clearing

Spaces hold energies that we then live and work in. Sometimes it would be best not to be in those energies. Space clearing is about clearing out old stuck energies and infusing a space with intention that supports your goals for the space. $350/homes $500/businesses

Plant Medicine Advice and Guidance

Psychedelic Integration

A lot of people are doing psychedelics but not getting the profound transformation that are possible to achieve. Psychedelic integration is NOT me providing you psychedelics. That will not happen. Please do not ask. But what I can do for you is guide you both before and after a psychedelic experience so that you do not get lost in the mind or traumatized by not knowing how to work with the disruptive energies that may emerge. $100 per hour.

One Month Intensive Program

Spiritual Mentoring and Manifestation Consulting

If you would like to do a really deep dive into all of your issues and potentials. This is for people at a point in life where change is not optional. You will need to be ready for some deep exploration, deep feeling and profound transformation. Most people are not ready for this but if you are I intend to provide a life changing experience. $1111.00 in Hollywood. Text 212-505-7729 for a quote for other locations.

Please email me at

For all in person appointments I require a $200 deposit to hold your appointment slot. You can pay that here or here at you can also make a credit card payment with me over the phone.

Or text me at 212-505-7729.

Andy Sway and his mentor, Dolores Cannon
Andy Sway and Dolores Cannon

I see clients all over Southern California at their homes and businesses. I can also see you in Hollywood if you would rather come to me.

Prices listed on this website are for sessions done within Los Angeles County. If you are outside of this area I can give you a quote for wherever you are.