Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (QHHT)

Andy Sway and Dolores Cannon in Springdale Arkansas in 2013 at the QHHT Past Life Regression Level 2 workshop.
With Dolores Cannon in Springdale Arkansas, 2013.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis in Los Angeles

I practiced past life regression hypnosis in New York for over 10 years, seeing over 1500 clients during that time. Now I am bringing this work to Los Angeles. Luckily I also have experience doing QHHT hypnotherapy in Los Angeles. I had a bi-coastal practice for a number of years. Now I’m focusing on my home state of California and I’m excited! Practicing QHHT in Los Angeles is rewarding in a whole new way.

And for any New Yorkers checking out my site, I will be back at least twice a year so please get in touch to book a session during those windows of opportunity.

[I come to your home or office and we can maintain social distancing throughout your session.]

The method I trained in is called QHHT or the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Past life regression isn’t just for curiosity, it is about finding yourself on a whole new level.

Fees, by location

These sessions last 4-5 hours. The fee is $400 within 15 miles of my Hollywood location (90068). It is $450 within 15-50 miles and $600 within 50-100 miles. When two clients book back to back sessions the same day, there is no extra charge for traveling within a 100 mile radius.

The first two hours or so is discussion. We go over your life story and your current situation. We explore patterns in family dynamics, career and relationships. I use my 20 years experience as an intuitive energy healer to help bring things to the surface. That ensures that we get the most profound transformation possible.

We then do hypnosis and that lasts another two hours or so. The hypnosis part of the session consists of exploring past lives. We usually get to two past lives but that varies. After that we connect with your ‘subconscious’ or higher self and ask for answers to your questions and help with healing and personal transformation.

To Book an Appointment please fill out the form and I will get back to you to confirm or take a deposit for your QHHT in Los Angeles session. Morning appointments can begin anytime between 8-10am and afternoon sessions begin anytime after 4pm. Give me your ideal date and whether you prefer morning or afternoon and I will usually get back to you the same day.

You see, you have a long history, you have played many roles and your current life isn’t representative of all that you are. Click here for more information and a couple of videos of past hypnosis sessions.

Life Purpose

We all are here for a reason. You do have a life purpose. It is a mission you assigned yourself. Nobody forced it on you. It comes from the soul or, higher self if you prefer  and was behind all of the challenges and opportunities you set up before this incarnation. Your deepest longings, passions and interests are clues to the reason you are here. You may have been shamed or discouraged from pursuing these things. You may be somewhat off track in the fulfillment of your life purpose. The way I do past life regression hypnosis is about getting you back on track. This work is about finding out what your life purpose is, what is blocking it and how to get going in the right direction. The biggest quantum leap you can experience, and the only one that really matters is reconnecting with this purpose.


-Immediately upon the initial consultation I noticed a peculiar perceptive glint radiating from Andy’s eyes, I was not surprised that by the time the interview was over, Andy had already already seen through the phantasms of my own making which hindered my growth. What happened after the hypnosis not only felt like a a removal of a stagnation that left my upper chakras and arms vibrating, but almost felt like a imbuement from the divine. While one of my key issues has yet proven to resolve itself, what I have received in turn was well worth it ten times over.
 Felix Ce, Photographer

What do I need to do to prepare for a QHHT hypnotherapy session in Los Angeles?

To prepare for your session, first off allow your analytical side to relax a bit. It is important to let all of the information in before analyzing it. We aren’t trying to get rid of logical analysis, just de-emphasize it. Meditation is the best overall preparation but years of meditation are not necessary. Actually no meditation is necessary at all, just helpful. It is NOT about clearing the mind. It’s just about allowing all of the thoughts to be there but not following them.

The main things to do to prepare for a past life regression hypnosis session:

  1. Write out a list of questions for your higher self. Most people focus on life purpose and talents they need to develop to fulfill that purpose. Other questions can be about life situations like relationships, career and family.

2. Before the session we usually have a brief phone conversation where I help you get an idea of the questions you need to ask. Bring those questions on a piece of paper you can give me and please make sure they are legible.

3. Refrain from anything that causes discomfort. Don’t come starved and don’t come stuffed. Have your usual morning coffee but don’t come over caffeinated. If you are a smoker you will be able to go out for a smoke right before the hypnosis begins.

4. Be as well rested as possible.

5. Be open to anything and try not to have expectations. That allows for the deepest transformation and the most profound revelations.

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“I met Andy exactly at the correct timeline in my life, January 18, 2018, for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session. For me personally, all this was about a journey. I just happened not to know what this journey would entail much less where it would lead me. Emphatically I can say, that Andy is a very strong person. His ability to lead in a session is phenomenal and comforting, to one, who’s never traveled this road before. Such as myself.

I was not looking to fix anything in my life. I only knew I was searching for something but did not know what that meant, much less how to go about finding the path I needed to go on.

Andy was the teacher, the guider, the wiseman, the reader of the energies, the questioner, the giver of answers, the comforter, in the hardest of moments, when my very essence was ripped apart and remade. The changes that these sessions, with Andy, brought about are at times momentous and at times filled with subtlety, that only upon reflection, does one see as to how profound the changes have become in ones everyday life, and how subtly these changes impact others in my personal life.

Thank you Andy, for your gifts that you choose to share, these gifts that you’ve honed throughout your life, that you’ve bestowed upon me, in my souls journey. For the first time in my lifetime I am as one. No internal conflicts within myself. Simply whole. At peace. Andy’s skills are astounding as they are sublime.

Franciska R. Stankovich, New Jersey