Transformatology® Services

Energy Healing


If you want to change your life, I can help. This isn’t regular therapy. It’s much faster and more intense. With a combination of shrewd strategy advice, talk therapy and energy healing I guide you through a process of change. We work on your inner issues such as emotional reactivity, insecurity, fear and anxiety, using energy healing methods that bring you into a new subjective experience of your life. We combine this with practical guidance on how to implement these changes in your outer life and relationships.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Past Life Regression--4-5 Hour Session
QHHT-Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

If you have had past lives and you don’t remember any of them, isn’t that like amnesia? Maybe the whole human race is suffering from a type of amnesia, in that case.

Past life regression therapy can be life changing and can both challenge and enhance your identity on the deepest levels.

Space Clearing and ``Divine Doors``
Change the Energy of Your Home or Office

Every space holds the energy of whatever has occurred within it. It is a good thing to clear out that space and ‘reprogram’ the energy of your home and/or office.
Grounded Ascension

Psychedelic Integration
Set a powerful intention before. Integrate after.

Today we are in a psychedelic resurgence. We are getting over the excesses and the taboos around this method of consciousness exploration.

But too many people think they can take a substance and gain enlightenment or wisdom. They don’t realize that guidance is necessary to take this work to the level it is capable of going.

If you are using plant medicines as a tool to spiritual growth and personal healing, I can help you get the most out of your experience with preparation before and integration after. This work can be done by phone just as well as in person.

Andy Sway

Business Consulting Services
Intuitive Consulting for Businesses who 'Get It'

If you are a business leader who thinks that your business can be an exciting and creative way to bring about prosperity, this work could be for you. If you want to command a workforce of frustrated, under-appreciated drones, and rule with an iron fist, it isn’t.

Just like people, businesses have issues that need clearing. They have blind spots of exaggerated negativity as well as missed opportunities that result from fatigue and lack of excitement. This is an intuitive form of consulting that is dedicated to bringing businesses into a state of excitement and creativity because that’s the only way to take things to the next level.

One-on-One Mentoring for Aspiring Healers and those on a Fast Track to Transformation
An intense program of change. One month Commitment.

For those of you who are dedicated to going extremely deep, extremely quickly. This is NOT for everyone. It is a one month process (can be extended) of completely re-writing your story, re-aligning your emotional state and cleaning up in-authenticity in your life. This process is extremely challenging and only for those who are dedicated to awakening to their authentic spiritual selves and clearing everything that is getting in the way.

Years Doing Energy Healing

Holographic Repatterning®, VortexHealing®, Reiki, M-Healing®


Years Doing QHHT Past Life Regression Sessions

8 Years with over 500 past life regression sessions. Many mind-blowing experiences, revelations and healings.


Past Life Regression Hypnosis-QHHT-Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
$400.004-5 Hour Session
Quantum Healing Hypnosis
Energy Healing Sessions--Intuitive Counseling with Energy Healing
$200.00Two hour phone or in person session
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Intensive One on One Mentoring
$1111.00Per Month
Space Clearing and Divine Doors for BUSINESS
$500.002.5 HOURS-MANHATTAN ONLY-Call for quotes for other locations