Energy Healing

Energy Healing Sessions for Deep Personal and Emotional Transformation

energy healing
My daughter, doing some healing on her sister.

**After 22 years of doing energy healing sessions in New York City I am now working in Los Angeles.

Energy Healing Sessions, the way I conduct them, are ideal if you are really ready to confront your recurring issues and patterns. Most people are stuck in patterns of emotional suffering. They try to avoid pain without daring to dig out the splinter that is causing it. So, the pain continues. This is not necessary!

If you are ready to go deep into the roots that are holding your issues in place, we can neutralize those issues. Nobody has to heal. But if you decide to release inauthentic reactive responses I can help you speed up the process and smoothe it out.

Energy healing sessions last two hours and are for people who want do go beyond traditional therapy and who are open to unorthodox intuitive approaches to personal transformation. It’s all about experiencing and confronting the emotions that keep cycling through your body and your life.

My main talents in assisting your transformative process are intuition and a powerful ability to shift patterns in my clients. We begin the session with up to 90 minutes of talk therapy. That’s where the intuition comes in. That’s where emotions are re-framed and where you start looking at your situation through new eyes.

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Emotional avoidance holds in pain. Your authentic self waits beyond avoidance. Energy healing can break down the barriers.

The key to changing your beliefs and healing your emotional wounds is FEELING. So many of us avoid the most awesome things about us just because we are avoiding feeling something uncomfortable. When you can allow feelings to just be there, without avoidance, life will change in the areas of relationship dynamics, career, creative self expression and on many other levels.

My style of energy healing sessions goes beyond the mental, analytical approach of traditional therapy. While the conversation may feel very cerebral, it is guided by intuition. It is talk therapy with energy healing doing all of the work.

My intuition is finely tuned to seeking out your authenticity and strengthening it, and to seeking out the false beliefs and fears blocking that authentic self that you are.
In this video I explain the importance of emotion in manifesting the reality we want. Most of us overvalue thought and undervalue emotions. To change our experience it is essential to clear emotional reactivity.

Emotional Digestion. Energy healing to process stuck emotions.

We have learned to avoid feeling heavy emotions but have not learned to process them and let them go. One of the most profound aspects of this work is when I lead you through allowing the emotion and show you how to actually digest the most difficult feelings. When you have un-digested emotions you create patterns that trigger those very emotions. They get triggered so that you have a chance to feel them and digest them. Digesting means taking in the nutrition (wisdom) that the emotion and its release contain and letting go of the rest, the shit.

False beliefs and emotional avoidance.

As children, when we are traumatized or don’t get what we want/need, we come up with theories. Many of these theories are about what’s wrong with us or the world. People develop theories that help them hold in guilt, rage, feelings of inadequacy, frustration and so much more. We forget that these were ideas that a child came up with to cope with a seemingly chaotic reality. We forget their origins and they, by default, become our beliefs.
Some beliefs I specialize in helping people transform:
“I’m not good enough.”
“There is something wrong with me.”
“People don’t understand me.”
“People are stupid.”

There are two main categories and they both come down to a belief that, “Something is wrong and I have to figure out how to fix it.”
But what if nothing is wrong? What if the world is a mirror and everything messing up the view is just the world showing you what part of the mirror needs polishing? What if there is a level of existence beyond insecurity and ego and all you have to do is let go?

The Power of Authenticity

What you really are does not need to be fixed.
It only needs to be revealed. I help people do that revealing. It can be difficult because you have to transition to truth when much of your life has been based on the lie that something is wrong or inadequate about you. It’s like a gay person who has been living a lie and now decides to come out.  There are ways we all need to come out of our closets, no matter our sexual orientation.

I love helping people strategize this move during energy healing sessions.
There are ways to communicate everything, if that thing is true. No matter what the opposition is, if you are being authentic, most people will get it. Those who don’t may not need to be in your life or may deserve a demotion. You just have to present it in a way where they get it. Most of us are not actually on the brink of the type of rejection they fear. Most people can sense your authenticity or lack thereof and most will be supportive when the inauthentic parts of you drop away. The rest may just have to go or be downgraded in your life.

Anyone who would block your authentic self expression, who doesn’t want to know, doesn’t love the real you, or they’re so stuck in their limited beliefs that they would rather reject than reflect. That’s tough but sometimes has to be dealt with.

Practical Transformation

Clients new to this work are often surprised at how practical this approach can be. Yes, I am an energy healer and hypnotist. I also have the experience of living in New York City for 33 years. Although my work seems very woo-woo to some people, it is about transforming practical life situations. There is no need for any kind of belief in anything mystical. The results are usually quite apparent even after only one session.

In private energy healing sessions we start with the real issues of your life, career, relationships, self-esteem, creative self expression.  Sessions are a unique combination utilizing aspects of talk therapy, life coaching, business consulting and friendly wise advice.  Energy healing techniques complete the transformation by taking it beyond the mind.  Personal transformation comes quickly working one on one.  If you are ready to clear up long standing negative patterns and are not afraid to look into your own shadows, this work can change both your inner and outer reality starting with the first session.

Suffering and Reactivity

These energy healing sessions are based on the belief that any emotional suffering and you experience contains a lesson that has not yet been learned. People in repetitive patterns of negativity or suffering are being shown by the universe that they need to heal an issue. Figuring out emotions doesn’t mean that they are healed. We need to go deeper. Stuck issues create a kind of gravitational pull that manifests events that can either wound or teach us.  We see this most vividly in relationship patterns.

People manifest the same dramas with different characters. Usually there is an issue going back to childhood that has left an emotion suppressed. Suppressed emotions generate lessons in our lives, oftentimes in the form of drama. This work unravels the pattern and brings us to a deeper state of acceptance, self love and authenticity.

In a typical session we spend approximately and hour and a half in conversation and a half hour doing energy healing. Logic and intuition both guide the conversation leading up to the energy healing part of the session. While we are talking we are unveiling the core beliefs and emotional avoidance and suffering underlying your issues.  We are also bringing into sharper focus the talents, desires and unique creative genius that is your

Core Frequency. As we clear out limiting beliefs and emotions and strengthen your confidence to embody your gifts, your life begins to unfold in directions you never anticipated.

Time: Two hours.

Price: $200

Over the Phone or In Person.

While working with Andy, I have learned the power of manifestation. Before I met him I didn’t really grasp the concept in its true essence. Successful business partnerships, amazing relationships, and powerful connections can all be brought to fruition through working with Andy. My advice to anyone that is thinking about booking an appointment with Andy, is to be willing to go to the places deep within ourselves that are holding us back, and blocking these wonders from coming into our lives. That’s the hard part, but believe me. It is worth every ounce of energy.

Dave Ford, President and CEO, Soul Buffalo