Space Clearing

Space clearing can make a huge different in our experience because physical spaces hold energies of all kinds. We have all felt this, though the effects are subtle. Most of us have witnessed business locations where every business that opens there fails. We have all noticed how different spaces feel different when you enter them.  Some places feel spooky. Some feel tense. Other places make you feel cozy and you feel comfortable in them.

There are energies from all past events, especially traumatic ones, that have occurred in a given space.  These energies affect the people using the space.  There are also positive energies that can be felt in certain locations. Space clearing work changes the vibe of the places we spend the bulk of our lives. It changes the energy of where  we work and live.

A short film I participated in for Dover Street Market, Los Angeles. With Rose Schlossberg.

Energy Healing for Physical Spaces

There are many forms of space clearing. Some people focus on cleaning and decluttering. Some do feng shui and some use sage or other herbs. This work that I do uses a kind of healing energy that is specifically for spaces. I have used this energy for homes, businesses, fashion photo shoots, restaurants, public buildings, and music performances.

In a space clearing session we begin with a consultation so that I know what is going on in the space. It is important to get an idea of what the patterns of negativity and drama are before doing the clearing. I also usually get a lot of intuitive ideas about the potential that is not being tapped into. It’s almost like the space is an entity that communicates what is wrong and the potential it would like to realize.

At Land” in Dobbs Ferry, NY

Consider the amounts of investment people and companies put into decorating a space to create a certain atmosphere. The difference between a beautiful space and an plain space goes beyond aesthetics. The feel of a space includes both the visual and what I would call the vibratory. Spaces have ‘vibrations’ or a feel and that feel can be changed. The impact can be dramatic or subtle and many clients have seen profound changes as a result of the change in energy.

Real Estate

Space clearing is especially good for Real Estate sales. My first real estate client had an amazing luxury apartment with a very prestigious address that couldn’t even get one person to come and look at the listing for two years. The asking price was reasonable for the market. There was no logical reason that nobody was coming to the apartment. After the space clearing I did the apartment sold for very close to the asking price within two months.


Businesses that move to a new location benefit from having the space cleared of the energy of the previous tenant. Oftentimes companies take over spaces that were vacated by failing companies. There was a pervasive energy in those offices and buildings leading up to bankruptcy. That energy permeated the space. Now you open an office or start a new company in that location. You may not want to sit in the remnants of that vibe.
This work clears out that negative or stuck energy in a space and replaces it with a Divine Door that holds a positive frequency and bathes the space in that frequency indefinitely.  This work has helped businesses prosper and homes become a place of refuge and regeneration.

Oftentimes there is a kind of vortex of negativity and conflict that develops in a workplace. The energy that people are working in becomes agitating or depressing. People spend so much of their time at work.

Surf Lodge, Montauk NY

Space Clearing for Homes

Generally when I do space clearing in a home I focus a lot on the bedroom. We clear the energy of every room in the home. Then we put a kind of energetic barrier that filters the energy from outside. In New York and most other places it is good to filter out the hectic city energy and create a feeling of serenity. The reason for focusing on the bedroom is that the two most important and healthy home activities take place there, sleep and sex. When you clear the space that you love and sleep in, it can have a very nourishing effect.

Homes: $350 in Los Angeles County
Businesses: $500 in Los Angeles County — (More for larger businesses, multi-floor businesses. Call 212-505-7729 for a quote.)

space clearing at the Jason Wu fashion show spring 2019
Jason Wu fashion show preparation, 2019.