“Surviving Death” On Netflix.

Surviving Death, a show on Netflix, showed me a connection I never really thought about before, the connection between Near Death Experiences and Past Life Regression.

Here’s a video I made responding to the episode about NDEs or Near Death Experiences:

There is a kind of emotional catharsis that happens in therapy in general that is even more pronounced in Past Life Regression hypnosis. It is quite common for my clients to have powerful releases of trapped emotions when going through a past life. It is impressive to see a person release something they have been struggling all of their lives in one moment. “Surviving Death” shows how people who have Near Death Experiences also have powerful emotional releases and realignments of belief. When we imagine lifetimes of holding in such pain we see the tragedy so many people live with. When this tragedy comes from a past life, it is amazing that people do as well as they do holding onto so much.

The main thing is that you are not your pain or your issues. You are a spirit that has chosen a temporary incarnation as a human. When you see things with that perspective everything changes. It is not enough to believe. I have no interest in that. The energy has to shift for the new reality to take hold.

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