Strategic Consulting / Phone Sessions

Strategic consulting is for people who want to align their lives with their true selves. A lot of people are feeling that their jobs, relationships and family dynamics aren’t aligned with their truth and need strategies. There are plenty of people who start down a spiritual path and it just causes a lot of trouble. The person gets very excited about their changes but usually find it hard to communicate these changes effectively to others. They start focusing on believing in “strange” or unusual things and oftentimes alienate people around them with their lack of grounding.

True spiritual awakening IS a very grounded endeavor when done effectively. In fact, you will become more effective and magical in the world when you align your new inner reality to the old one on the outside.

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Time to alter your reality?

When you set about to dramatically change your life you need more than lofty spiritual concepts. You need to know how to communicate with your mother, siblings, boss or lover. It is necessary not to make everything about spirituality and it is also important not to lose sight of your highest vision.

“I never looked at it that way.”

That’s what clients say to me practically every session.

If you can see your situation, any situation, in a new light you can manifest a new reality. No matter what kind of issue you come to me with, I will help you re-imagine it. When you do that, solutions emerge and you begin seeing things through different eyes.

Strategic consulting, the way I do it, is about looking at everything from a new perspective. It is about looking at things from the perspective of your authentic self rather than the perspective your parents, friends and society at large taught you. Then it is all about making the right moves and not creating unnecessary opposition from those around you.

Strategic Consulting is about telling a new story.

You need to stop telling yourself and everyone else the same old story. That story was handed down by others. You may even disagree with it but you keep living in that reality. It is a reality that doesn’t serve you or your life path.

I help you find your new perspective and communicate it in a way that has a high probability of others understanding. Strategic consulting, in this sense, is not about manipulation. It is about communicating authenticity. It is about re-ordering your life around truth rather than conformity. Strategic consulting is the left brain aspect of the magic that will bring you to a new perception and experience.

How it works.

We arrange for an appointment time for you to call me. Payment is required in advance. We will talk about the issues you face and I will give you a new way to look at the issues and strategies for handling whatever you face. Homework is a big part of this. Nothing changes without changed behavior. It is not enough to just reconceptualize the issue. The work is most effective when done over time. It is important to calibrate the new strategies and internalize nuances that aren’t readily apparent. As you begin changing your approach to people and situation, there will be resistance that needs to be handled.

Check out my YouTube channel to get a feel for how I work and my philosophy to see if it is in alignment with who you are, or seek to be.

Cost: $100 per hour, plus travel expenses if required.

Sessions available by phone or in person. Two hour minimum for in-person sessions.