Pick an issue and We’ll Shift it: Three Session Package

Andy Sway three session package
Andy Sway

Pick an issue you are facing and we will bring this issue into a new light.

This three session package includes:

I would like for you to pick an issue that impacts your life. It could be an emotion that you feel holds you back. You could also decide to work on a negative pattern that keeps coming back.

One kind of issue you could pick would be an emotion like insecurity. We will begin with a one hour phone conversation where we begin exploring the historical roots of the issue in your life, where it came from and the beliefs you hold that keeps the issue alive. In the phone consultation I will help you integrate the emotion you are resisting and move beyond it.

Next we will meet for a two hour energy healing session. In this session we will go deeper into the issue and deeper into the practical strategies for handling it whenever it comes up. We also will do powerful energy healing to diffuse the energies that support the reoccurrence of the issue.

The third session will be a 4-5 hour session that begins as talk therapy but leads up to a past life regression hypnosis session. This session is where it all comes together. Not only do we allow the subconscious mind to take us to the origins of the issue (whether in a past life or this one) but we also bring in the wisdom of the higher self. You can read more about the hypnosis work I do here.


The cost of this package is $600. As in most of my sessions, I can come to your home or office for the in-person sessions. It is available at this price to clients in Los Angeles County. Clients living in other counties will need to contact me for a price quote. All sessions in the package need to be completed within a two week period.